Your guide to release of health information

How a digitized release of information process enhances patient and staff experience while improving your hospital's bottom line

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Improve patient and staff experience inside and outside the hospital
Change the way health data is exchanged across your institution
Implement efficiencies that have a material impact on hospital operation

About the Authors


Dennis Giokas & James Bateman
CIO & CEO @ Medchart

As the former CTO of Canada Health Infoway Dennis is a seasoned executive with deep experience in the transformational use of information technology in healthcare. His experience is intertwined with CEO James Bateman's years of work championing and implementing change in the way people access and share personal information.

Chapter 1 Release of information deficit
Chapter 2 Southlake case study
Chapter 3 ROI best practices
Chapter 4 Accelerating ROI fulfillment
Chapter 5 Enhance the experience
Chapter 6 Implementation
Chapter 7 Benefits estimates
Chapter 8 Acknowledgements